Solstice Solo 10 Watt LED Singles Vison X

Why Solstice Solos?
The Solstice Series uses 10-watt LEDs to achieve the the hightest light output for the housing. The Solstice LED Series is cold-weather optimized with a radiant front plate for protection and de-icing. The S1100 Solo is cranks out 800 lumens of light in a 2"x2" square package for tons of light and is mountable in the smallest spaces.
Key Features
>Low Power Consumption
>Cold Weather Optimized
>88% Optically Pure

>Vertical Heat Sink Designed to prolong the life of the LEDs

 > Expand to Create Multiple Bar Solutions
 > Less than 1 Amp Power Consumption
 > Omni-Link Interlocking System
 > Adjustable Mounting Bracket
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