Two Vision X LED Solstice Solo White XIL-S1102 Pods (Spot Beam) with FREE LED Safety Flare

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Kit- 2 White Solo Pod Lights, 1 LED Emergency Flare

The all new Solo s1100 in the Solstice Series of LED off road lamps. Equipped with Vision’s brand new 10 watt LED technology, with each 10 watt Solo producing 800 lumens making them the brightest LED off road lamp on the market in only a 2” x 2” square housing. Not only are they the brightest, they are the most efficient with the s1100 drawing only 0.75 amps due to their advanced electronic drivers which are also responsible for their 50,000 hour life span and variable 9 - 50 Volt DC input. The Solstice Solo’s main feature is the 4 sided channel design that allows you to interlink it on all four sides with another Solstice Solo pod or other various available mounting hardware for flat, tube or even helmet mount making it the only modular light with the ability to make any shape or length with the available spot, euro and flood beam patterns mixed throughout your custom configuration. No power on your ride, no worries; Vision X will also offers a fantastic compact line of rechargeable battery packs for any configuration of your Solstice Solo light pods.


Our Solstice Solo S1102 Spot Pattern (Long throw, Narrow beam) off road led light throws out a whopping 800 lumens from a super compact 2" square housing.  Based on military technology, these state of the art 10 watt LED lights are the brightest on the market.  The Vision X LED light series including the S1102 Spot Beam (Long throw, Narrow beam pattern)  is our best seller by far.  We stock hundreds of these little lights at all times and offer substantial discounts on pairs and volume orders (2 or more).   Use our "make offer" button, send an email or better yet, pick up the phone for the best  price, service and value on all Vision X lights.  

Product Features

  • White
  • Input voltage 9 - 60 volt DC
  • 50,000 hour life span
  • Low amp draw 0.75A
  • IP-68 rated housing
  • Equivalent light output of standard headlight
  • Spot Beam-10 degree Narrow Beam



Comes with a FREE LED Safety Flare in the color of your choice!


Pro-Flares LED Powered Flares are not only the ideal replacement for incindiary flares, but are also the ideal safety option for all applications. They come in singles and six packs, both in rechargeable or replaceable lithium battery powered. Color options include: RED, BLUE, GREEN, AMBER, WHITE and RED/BLUE alternating. Each flare has nine distinct operating modes:  (1) Rotation, (2) Quad Pulse, (3) Single Pulse, (4) Alternating Pulse, (5) Morse Code (SOS),  (6) Full High, (7) Full Low, (8) Torch Low, (9) Torch High

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