XPI and XPR series LED Light Bars Vision X


No need to buy Chinese toy lights in order to save a few bucks.

Genuine Vision X high end LED bars for half the price of our other lines. 

Brand new XPI 5-watt and XPR 10-watt series LED light bars are manufactured in the same ISO-9000 factory as our other LED light bars with one goal in mind.  That is to offer consumers a more affordable LED bar without having to sacrifice and settle for a lesser brand. 

THIS IS NOT AN ENTRY LEVEL BAR:  These are the real deal.  Built using the same high performance 5 and 10 watt Cree LED modules that power our highest end lights.  Combine the most powerful chips on the market with Vision X electronics and our super long-throw Iris Reflectors and you get an amazing product with a more amazing price.  

Available in eight sizes ranging from 6" to 51" long.  

Revolutionary versatile end mounts or bottom "foot" mounts.  Both systems included.


XPI and XPR Series Features:
• Dual Mounting Options Standard (patented feet mount or end mount)
• Proprietary IRIS Reflector Technology Featuring Tilting Reflectors
• Tilting Reflectors Provide Mixed\Combo Beam Spread
• Xtreme Five and Ten Watt LED is Driven to 90% Efficiency
• Integrated Electronic Thermal Management
• Weatherproof Deutsch Connector
• Polycarbonate Lens



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