LED Safety Flares

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Don't fall for Chinese copies. Pro-Flare Safety Flares are the real deal. 

Pro-Flares LED Power Flares

 If you are looking for LED Safety Flares, you can stop shopping around. 

Pro-Flares LED Powered Flares are not only the ideal replacement for incindiary flares, but are also the ideal safety option for all applications. They come in singles and six packs, both in rechargeable or replaceable lithium battery powered. Color options include: RED, BLUE, GREEN, AMBER, WHITE and RED/BLUE alternating. Each flare has nine distinct operating modes:  (1) Rotation, (2) Quad Pulse, (3) Single Pulse, (4) Alternating Pulse, (5) Morse Code (SOS),  (6) Full High, (7) Full Low, (8) Torch Low, (9) Torch High

Pro-Flares LED safety flares are not limited to Law Enforcement and Emergency Responders. Just a few of the possible applications for personaluse are listed below:




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