LED Safety Flare. 6 Pack with with Replaceable CR123 Lithium Battery and Travel Bag. Green




6.00 LBS

Pro Flare Green LED Safety Flare 6 Pack with Replaceable Lithium Battery and Travel Bag

Each Flare has 16 Green LEDs

Standard Green LED is perfect for all conditions.

Casing is constructed of super high strength plastic: PC, TPE and TPR can even withstand vehicles driving over it in the course of deployment on ground.

Compact & visible up to a 1/2 mile away

Contains a strong magnet for placement on vehicle

Completely waterproof! It even floats!

Safe to use in many HAZMAT situations

Comes with 6 replaceable Lithium Ion batteries. (1/Flare)

Product size: Dia. 10. 8cm, high 3. 5cm (Each)

Perfect for Personal and Professional use.

Comes with Free Travel Bag


Offered in Nine Distinct Operating Modes:

(1) Rotation--15 hours run time

(2) Quad Pulse--15 hours run time 

(3) Single Pulse--100 hours run time

(4) Alternating Pulse--9 hours run time

(5) Morse Code (SOS)--24 hours run time

(6) Full High--8 hours run time

(7) Full Low--60 hours run time

(8) Torch Low--15 hours run time

(9) Torch High--10 hours run time

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