LED Safety Flare. 6 Pack with with Replaceable CR123 Lithium Battery and Travel Bag. Red

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6.00 LBS

Pro Flare Red LED Safety Flare 6 Pack with Replaceable Lithium Battery and Travel Bag

Each Flare has 16 Red LEDs

Standard Red LED is perfect for all conditions, and provide superior visibility in foggy weather.

Casing is constructed of super high strength plastic: PC, TPE and TPR can even withstand vehicles driving over it in the course of deployment on ground.

Compact & visible up to a 1/2 mile away

Contains a strong magnet for placement on vehicle

Completely waterproof! It even floats!

Safe to use in many HAZMAT situations

Comes with 6 replaceable Lithium Ion batteries. (1/Flare)

Product size: Dia. 10. 8cm, high 3. 5cm (Each)

Perfect for Personal and Professional use.

Comes with Free Travel Bag


Offered in Nine Distinct Operating Modes:

(1) Rotation--15 hours run time

(2) Quad Pulse--15 hours run time 

(3) Single Pulse--100 hours run time

(4) Alternating Pulse--9 hours run time

(5) Morse Code (SOS)--24 hours run time

(6) Full High--8 hours run time

(7) Full Low--60 hours run time

(8) Torch Low--15 hours run time

(9) Torch High--10 hours run time

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