6 Pack LED Safety Flares- Rechargeable

Pro-Flares Six Pack LED Safety flares have 16 LEDs each and come in a variety of colors. BLUE, GREEN, RED, AMBER, WHITE and BLUE/RED ALTERNATING

- The Pro-Flares Six Pack does the work of a handful of ordinary road flares at an emergency scene, but without the danger of exposure to toxic chemicals or the messy residue. The Pro-Flares are returned to their case after the job is done and are ready for the next.


Pro-Flares Six Packs include a convenient integrated charging system that allows all 6 units to be simultaneously recharged using AC or DC.


Each flare has nine distinct operating modes:  (1) Rotation, (2) Quad Pulse, (3) Single Pulse, (4) Alternating Pulse, (5) Morse Code (SOS),  (6) Full High, (7) Full Low, (8) Torch Low, (9) Torch High


* Each kit comes with a 12v wall charger, and a 12v car charger.

* Compact & visible up to a 1/2 mile away. 

* Contains a strong magnet for placement on vehicle

* Can also be placed safely on the ground and roadway. Casing is constructed of super high strength plastic: PC, TPE and TPR, it is even no problem allowed a car drive over it!

* Completely waterproof! It even floats! Perfect for boats and watercraft safety, also it is no problem working underwater 1/2mile.


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