Vision X Light Cannon Lens Covers


The super powerful Vision X LED Light Cannons are 12 different lights in one!

Snap on a lens to go from spot beam to euro beam or flood. Four color choices. 

LED Cannon Covers now available in two new patterns. 

Wide and Elliptical Cover

First, if you run your LED Cannon with no cover or with the standard clear cover, you get a tight pencil (spot) beam.

Our elliptical cover changes your beam pattern for optimum road use by projecting a wide low beam while cutting out "light spill" that might irritate oncoming traffic.

The wide flood cannon cover is the ultimate big wide flood pattern, ideal for crawling the trails or around the ranch. 

As always, for the ultimate combination driving beam, the euro is it, combining a wide clean pattern with excellent distance.

Our standard flood or "trail flood" works great when carving the canyons or any specialized vertical viewing application (or when Cannons are mounted horizontally).

Lastly, for legal compliance (some states) you need a blackout cover and there too, Vision X has you covered.


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