Single Solo LED Lights 5-10 watt

Vision X LED Lights start with our super versatile single LED lights.  Great for a wide variety of applications from LED Driving or flood lights, LED reverse lights, equipment lighting, marine lighting, Motorcycles, trailers,snow machines, bicycles or you name it.  These single LED lights pack a serious punch and draw as little as .48 amps each. Gang them up for your own custom combination or run one at a time.  Don't let the small size fool you. Our LED light pods pump out between 493 lumen (roughly the same as a 35 watt headlight bulb) and a full 900 lumen (our Solo Prime LED lights).  Don't hesitate to call, live chat or email to discuss your specific application.

At Vision x Wholesale, we live and breathe Vision X LED lights and can steer you into the right choice the first time around. 

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