Mining Lights Pitmaster SeriesOur special Pitmaster Marine Series light has all the lighting horsepower of the standard high powered Pitmaster lights but modified for the harshest of off-shore environments.  Watertight CREE high powered LED modules run on AC (with power supply) or DC and are designed to replace halogen, halide and HID lights.  All hardware is high grade stainless steel (saltwater safe) and the lights have a specialized high gloss hydrophobic salt resistant coating.  Available in seven different beam patterns from a long distance spot beam to a super-wide 90° spreader flood. 

  • Special 304 Stainless Steel trunnion bracket.  304 SS contains twice the carbon of cheaper 316 SS and vastly increased strength and corrosion resistance.  Salt water safe.
  • All mounting hardware is salt and corrosion safe high grade stainless steel.
  • 5000K special color temp optimizes visibility in both clear and dusty or foggy conditions. NOTE:also available in 4300K and 6000K.
  • Special gloss black corrosion proof polyester electrostatically applied coating.  Salt and acid safe. 
  • Marine Grade Pitmasters are available in 150 watt or 300 watt versions.
  • DC operation 11-65VDC or AC operation 110-220VAC (with optional integrated power supply).
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