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Pro-Flares LED Power Flares


Pro-Flares LED Powered Flares are not only the ideal replacement for incindiary flares, but are also the ideal safety option for all applications. They come in singles and six packs, both in rechargeable or replaceable lithium battery powered. Color options include: RED, BLUE, GREEN, AMBER, WHITE and RED/BLUE alternating. Each flare has nine distinct operating modes:  (1) Rotation, (2) Quad Pulse, (3) Single Pulse, (4) Alternating Pulse, (5) Morse Code (SOS),  (6) Full High, (7) Full Low, (8) Torch Low, (9) Torch High



Pro-Flares are not limited to Law Enforcement and Emergency Responders. Just a few of the possible applications for personaluse are listed below:



House & Home

Homeowners should always prepare for the unexpected, whether that be a power outage for a few hours, or an unforeseen disaster brought about by extraordinary weather.


  Pro-Flares perform for many hours as room lights or flash  lights.When help is needed, a Pro-Flares, Flare set at a window or doorway can act as a beacon to direct Emergency Response Personnel.





The Pro-Flares are an important safety accessory for any motorist, and is a welcome gift for every driver in the family.

In the event of a breakdown or accident, Pro-Flares' sixteen high luminosity LEDs can be seen as a distinct flashing beacon to passing vehicles, from a half mile away, and help to augment standard hazard lights. They can even be placed inside a traffic cone for the ultimate safety cone.





Bikes & Blades

Whether traveling by bike or by roller blade, Pro-Flares offer a great addition to personal safety equipment.

The Pro-Flares can be visible to surrounding traffic when other means fail.

Be seen from a half mile away!












Personal Safety

When hiking up a local peak or taking a walk in the countryside, the Pro-Flares are a convenient tool that provides emergency lighting to help find your way home when the sun sets.

As an emergency beacon, the Pro-Flares are visible from air and land, and can help direct Rescue Personnel to your position.




Boaters can turn to the Pro-Flares as a back-up to traditional equipment.

Importantly, the Pro-Flares can flash out an S.O.S. in Morse code that can be seen over many kilometres against a dark sea.



Our Pro-Flares are also a great resource for Professional and Law Enforcement as well.


Pro-Flares are now available to Members of the Law Enforcement Community and Emergency Response Professionals in North America and around the world.

In addition, applications for emergency lighting units exist in many other industries as well!


Law Enforcement Agencies

Whether responding to an incident by motorcycle, bicycle or car, Law Enforcement Officers will recognize the benefits of using one or more Pro-Flares to identify an accident zone or the scene of a crime.

Civilian traffic will be alerted to an emergency scene for up to half a mile in advance, while Responders will quickly identify the location - saving valuable seconds.

Pro-Flares do not add a further Hazardous Material component to the scene.



Fire Departments

Firefighters can quickly deploy Pro-Flares to delineate areas that are restricted to civilian pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Pro-Flares are visible in conditions that would challenge ordinary perchlorate flares.

Their distinct flash patterns provide Firefighters with a means of marking out rooms and corridors simply by setting the Pro-Flares and tossing it into the target area.


Medical Services

Ambulance Services are often the first to the scene. Pro-Flares provides a convenient solution to crowd control by quickly creating a highly visible perimeter.

Where situations are more difficult or remote, a trail of Pro-Flares laid down will lead other responders to the scene, saving precious time.




Private Security Personnel can rely on the Pro-Flares to identify their presence to an intruder, and to alert co-workers to an incident.

Importantly, the Pro-Flares serve to further differentiate Security Personnel from others when Law Enforcement Officers arrive on the scene.



Professional drivers including short and long-haul truckers, taxi drivers and couriers all benefit from having Pro-Flares on board for emergency use.

In the event of a breakdown or accident, the Pro-Flares act as both a rescue beacon and as a warning light for other traffic on the road.

Pro-Flares have a strong magnetic base, that allows for easy attachment to the side of transport trailers, and provides for long-range visibility.


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