Motorcycle LED Kits Solstice Solo 10 watt

The Solstice Series LED Motorcycle Kits use a pair of 10-watt Square LEDs to achieve the the hightest light output for the housing. The Solstice LED Series is cold-weather optimized with a radiant front plate for protection and de-icing. The S1100 Solo series LED lights crank out 800 lumens each with a compact 2"x2" square package for tons of light and is mountable in the smallest spaces.  Available in four beam choices from long range spot beam to super wide flood beam.  The 10 Watt Solo LED light pods from Vision X now come in pairs with our exclusive plug-n-play dual wiring harness with built in switch and relay.  Our motorcycle LED driving light kits include both a toggle switch and optional handlebar mounted rocker switch.  Choose from four beam patterns or mix and match.

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