Cube LED Pitmaster 160 LED; Polycarbonate - Vision X CPM160PE

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Cube LED Pitmaster 160 LED; Polycarbonate - Vision X CPM160PE


About Cube LED Technology
Vision X is able to provide professional solutions due to the effectiveness of cube LED technology. Cube LEDs have a larger surface area, allowing more light to be emitted per individual watt. Additionally, having a larger surface area give the cube LED a much wider beam pattern, allowing more lux to illuminate a more wide-spread area.

High Efficacy
Cube LEDs from Vision X are ideal for structural applications due to the 117 lumens per watt ration. We’re able to get more light output for a lower cost than standard LEDs.

Integrated Power Supplies
Structural solutions from Vision X are bundled with power supplies that allow for a 110V-277V AC Power input range, as well as junction boxes to protect the electrical connections.


  • Utilizes cube LED technology to increase efficiency
  • Integrated Electronic Thermal Management (ETM)
  • 360° Fully Adjustable Mounting System
  • Reinforced Gasketed Bezel


Vision X CPM160PE

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