Pitmaster Cube Light. 160 watts. CPM160GPE. 9893082

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Cube LED modules emit light from five surfaces instead of just one resulting in far more light for any given foot print and more lumens per watt than any other LED solution.

Combine highest output with a larger surface area and the results are amazing.  Pitmaster Cube lights project a very wide flood beam without the hot spots of traditional LED floodlights.  

Vision X bundled Cube Pitmaster LED floodlights with AC power supplies that allow for a 110V-277V AC Power input range as well as weatherproof junction boxes to protect the electrical connections.

CPM160GPE totals 160 watts and draws just 1.3 amps at 110V AC.  

This cube LED light includes integrated AC power supply housed in a weatherproof junction box.  Ready to wire.






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