Mini XLS Incident Response Case - Vision X XLS-M2UMX4460BP

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Mini XLS Incident Response Case - Vision X XLS-M2UMX4460BP


The Vision X 96 square XLS-M2UMX4460BP features portable scene lighting, flood beam pattern that offers you a wide amount of light with not as much distance, and orange housing. The XLS-M2UMX4460BP comes with a standard warranty, and charging input voltage of 12V DC or 110-220V AC. This light weighs 48 pounds and has an operating temperature of -10c - +85c. Coming with configure light heads with 360 operation. 

Fast Deployment
In an emergency, quick response is essential. That is why the XLS case was designed to be deploy able in under 30 seconds and last for up to 8.5 hours. Safety is a priority on every work site regardless of industry, and the XLS Incident Response case is a reliable tool that should be at every site.

Long Lasting
Up to 8.5 hours of light from one charge. Easily recharge the case’s battery using a 110V AC wall charger, cigarette lighter outlet, or jumper cables.

Self-Contained Power Cell
The built in battery ensures it is easier than ever to respond quickly without multiple components and parts.


  • 50% More Battery Life Capacity
  • Self-Contained Power Cell
  • Up to 7,392 Lumens
  • Lightweight Body
  • Fast Deployment


Vision X XLS-M2UMX4460BP

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