12" Vision X Shocker LED Bar SHK-BV6WPA 9929705

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12 Shocker LED Light bar by Vision X.  SHK-BV6WPA 9929705.

What's it all about?

Can't decide between bright white light and amber light?  The Shocker has both.  Using proprietary Vector Reflector optics, you get super long distance, even at high speed combined with a wide driving beam to help light up the ground under your nose and in the turns.  When dust or fog gets in the way, flip on your amber beams that shine through special lenses producing an elliptical driving beam.    

This particular SKU is for the 12" version and packs a punch.  

-6420 lumens (white) 60 watts

-1266 lumens (amber) 48 watts

-dimmable using PWM technology

-dustproof and waterproof IP-68

-super tough polycarbonate lense

-20,000 plus life span

-operates in temps from -40c to +80c


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