Vision X XIL-M20 Patriot Smart Light Patriot 12" Mil-Spec LED Smart Light Bar (Spot Beam)ALMOST HALF OFF!

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Vision X Patriot LED Light Bars now almost 50% OFF

Our standard Patriot bars were $1799 each.  Now just $999 while they last.  Available in our Narrow 10 degree beam XIL-M20,  our medium 15 degree beam XIL-M22  or wide 35 degree beam XIL-M21.  Hurry—we have never had a price so low and once they’re gone, they’re gone.  Patriot bars use our virtually bulletproof 10 watt LED chips, high end military spec’ drivers and latest optics.  If you like our 10 watt LED Solstice series lights, you will love these patriot bars. 

Product Features

  • Made in America and feature Twelve 10-Watt LED's 10 degree narrow beam
  • The World's first intelligent light
  • Programmable 32 Bit CPU Available
  • ROHS Compliant
  • 110-220AC Adapter available

Take a deep breath, you are now in the presence of the ultimate light on the face of the Earth, and pretty soon off the Earth. The Patriot marks a new era of lighting. Unmatched light output with twelve 10 Watt LEDs each putting out 900 lumens for a total output of 10,800 Lumens; all out of a 12” light. Integrated Texas Instruments 32 Bit CPU provides integrated dimming, programmable flash patterns, advanced thermal management, and master/slave control functions. The all machined housing, involving a 6 hour process, makes the light out of a solid chunk of 6061 aluminum.


>Made in America
>The Worlds First Intelligent Light
>Programable 32 Bit CPU Available
>ROHS Compliant
>110 - 220AC Adapater Available



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