Vision X XIL-M1DIMMER Patriot Smart Light Patriot CPU M1 Dimmer

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Product Description

Take a deep breath, you are now in the presence of the ultimate light on the face of the Earth, and pretty soon off the Earth. The Patriot marks a new era of lighting. Unmatched light output with twelve 10-watt LEDs each putting out 900 lumens for a total output of 10,800 Lumens, all out of a 12-inch light. The all machined housing, involving a 6 hour process, makes the light out of a solid chunk of 6061 aluminum. The M2 model includes slave functionality where it can be connected to a master CPU module or light to strobe, dim, and more based on the master. An external CPU option is available giving the M2 master modes. Additional capabilities and options will be announced as they become available.

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