Vision X MIL-RXP1225W Ripper Xtreme Prime LED Light WHITE (25 degree)

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5.73 LBS

For heavy industry and mining.

12 five watt LED's for a total of 60 watts!

6000 Lumens

25° Narrow Beam Pattern (shown on this page).  Other beam patterns available.

White Housing

4.4" x 4" x 5" with a mounting depth of just 2"

Lifetime warranty*

50,000 Hour Lifespan



Our all new prime drive Ripper LED Light series utilizes 12 of our brand new super 5 watt LED's combined for a total of 60 watts of highly efficient and blindingly bright LED power.  Combined with our latest and greatest Prime Drive electronics and very precise optics, Vision X has achieved the brightest and tightest beam pattern in any light of its kind.  Choose from our  10 degree spot pattern,
25 degree medium pattern,40 degree medium flood or a 60 degree wide flood beamAll Ripper series LED lights have a rating of IP-68.  What does that mean to you?  It means the Ripper will travel to hell and back with you and remain dust and moisture free along the way.   Absolutely no ingress of dust and all housings are totally sealed for prolonged immersion in water.  You simply can't kill these lights.   Our new Vision X Ripper series lights are roughly 4.5" square and just 2" deep.  Designed for our most demanding mining operations, these lights can take a pounding and like all of our LED products, carry a lifetime warranty against defects or failure.   

Our optional dial-dimmer varies brightness from 50-100 percent and anywhere in between.  Our push-button dimmer  toggles between 50 and 100 percent and back again with a simple tap of the button.

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