Vision X AERO-85618A, 9955025, HD Beacon

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1.50 LBS
18x5W Double 7 years 1.36 lbs 10-33V 90W 1.1A Rotate / 2.4A Flash

90 Watts Total!

More Visibility

AeroTech® Heavy Duty strobes have a larger footprint which makes for more surface area of light and are also taller with 85620A being 6.29″ tall providing the most visible strobe not only in this range but in the Vision X range.

Due to the increased size AeroTech® HD are now up to 6 times brighter than SAE both for rotate and for flash. The increased visibility makes them ideal for larger vehicles and applications where there is more happening on site to ensure the vehicle is seen by all to ensure no incidents

More Durability 

AeroTech® HD goes far beyond in terms of durability. Firstly the use of a diecast aluminium base makes them more resistant to vibration and shock. To prove this, they have been tested for vibration (IEC 60068-2-64) and mechanical shock (ISO 16750-3) but also been put through the even more stringent military spec vibration test MIL-STD-810G.

Secondly the base and lens seal have been beefed up to ensure not just IP67 but also IP69K which means they can be pressure washed at high heat ideal for industrial and mining applications where the vehicles get extra dirty.

These two key factors added to all the factors mentioned in the range DNA makes these strobes ideal for any application up to and including both above and below ground mining applications where conditions are toughest.

More Adaptable

The addition of the AeroTech® Heavy duty range now means the AeroTech® range of strobes can suit any amber application. Whether it be light commercial, commercial, construction,  industrial, above ground mining or even below ground mining. The range can do this while still keeping it’s core DNA of visible, durable, adaptable.

  • Larger profile for increased visibility in any conditions
  • Up to 6 times brighter than SAE for Rotate and Flash
  • Tougher design with diecast aluminum base
  • Vibration and shock tested to ISO and Military standards
  • Increased IP Rating (IP67 + IP69K)

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