High Capacity Battery Pack for Solstice Solo Pod - Vision X XPC-B22 4009080

XPC-B22 4009080
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1.00 LBS

Product Features

  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • Power up to two solstice solo pods
  • Ergonomic rubberized body
  • 3.5 Hour run time
  • Air condition maintenance charger included

Take your VisionX (vision x) Solstice Solo LED light anywhere you go.  Here’s the cool part.  Wherever you mount your S1100 series Solo light, you simply unplug it, slide it out of the bracket, plug it into this awesome high powered lithium ion portable battery pack and away you go.  Cruise with your brights on whether you’re hiking, biking, or chasing bad guys, you can take the super bright LED light with  you.  This industrial strength (really) fully rubberized ergonomic body on the XPC-B22 contains a full  2.2 amp hours of juice when fully charged and will run your solstice solo LED light at full bore for almost 4 hours.  We throw in an AC maintenance charger so your compact portable LED battery pack is always ready when you are.  These little battery packs are tough enough for us to gladly add a 1 year warranty.  Knock the XPC-B22 battery pack around or remove the rubber case and drop the unit in your pocket. 
This little LED ligh power pack is awesome!       


NOTE: Solo LED lights sold separately

Vision X 4009080 is the same as Vision X XPC-B22



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