HID-6600.70 70 Watt EURO-BEAM HID WORK LIGHT by Vision X

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5.00 LBS

A for-real 70 watt HID Euro-beam work light! This thing is a death-star!

Our exclusive Euro-Beam is designed as the optimum compromise between a spot beam and flood beam,  medium distance, medium width beam pattern for optimum all-around coverage. 

This Vision X HID 6600 Series is a rugged and powerful light for industrial and mining use. The shock resistant base is great for all high-vibration environments including mining and industrial equipment and puts out a blazing 7000 lumens (think 10-12 halogen headlights). Durable, powerful, and perfect for industrial applications.  Each package includes one 70 watt HID flood light assembly, all mounting hardware and a factory waterproof plug-n-play wiring harness.

Key Features

>Shock Resistant Base allows for mounting on mining machinery and other industrial applications. The 6600 Series HID flood light has a vibration rating of 8.6Grms making it well suited for industrial and commercial applications.

>Internal Ballast and Starter means easy two-wire hookup and electronics completely protected from the elements.

>The borosilicate hardened glass lens protects the light from rocks and debris without obstructing light output.

>Multi-Voltage 9-32V DC Input.

>High Impact Nylon Composite Housing for optimal strength and durability.

>Rugged and Durable High Impact Nylon Composite Housing

All Vision X Lights are covered by a full factory warranty.

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