Go Light Replacement Module with 6 10 Watt LEDs

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3.00 LBS

This module was originally designed to swap out with a go-light halogen or HID light but our enterprising customers and staff have come up with dozens of awesome uses for this light.  Think of it as a 60-watt LED flush-mount light (use optional flat-mount bezel) and comes in either our 40° wide beam or 20° narrower beam.  Emits a screaming bright 5160 lumens and draws just 5 watts at 12vdc.  

Swap out your current go light with a new Vision X 10 Watt LED Module. This (6) x 10 watt LED module packs a powerful punch of  5160 lumens while only using 5 watts. LEDs are instant light with no heat up or cool down process, so you dont have to worry about not having all your light when you really need it like you would with an HID.

Go Light motorized unit not included. This is a module that inserts into the Go Light housing.

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