60° 60 Watt Marine Grade Ripper LED Light - Vision X MAR-RXP1260

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The Vision X Marine line provides the ideal solution for watercraft of all sizes. From commercial freight ships to fishing vessels for hobbyists, we carry the perfect LED fixtures. Each electronics board used in the Maritime line is constructed from copper to remove corrosion issues typically common in saltwater applications.

Additionally, the gloss coating reduces wear from constant barrage of saltwater while at sea, ensuring the light performs day in and day out. The heavy duty stainless steel bracket combines maximum strength with a bracket that won’t deteriorate over time.

Maritime products operate at a 5000K color temperature, giving the light a warmer feel.

The unique gloss coating used on Maritime products from Vision X greatly reduces the dramatic impact that saltwater has on traditional lighting fixture housings.

The each fixture in the MAR Series from Vision X comes equipped with a high-strength stainless steel bracket that gives the light extra protection against saltwater corrosion.

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