55/60 Watt Hi/Low Beam DOT Approved Superwhite Bulb Set - Vision X VX-DH4 4001602

VX-DH4 4001602
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H4 55/60 Watt Hi/Low Beam DOT Approved Superwhite Bulb Set


Headlights Perfected - Superwihie Halogen Bulbs
For 10 years now Vision X's halogen headlight bulbs have been on the forefront of high output halogen lighting. And the recently introduced lifetime warranty on standard wattage bulbs just places Vision X further in front. Superwhite halogen bulbs are unique in their design and construction. Vision X Superwhite Halogen Bulbs are designed to perfectly replace factory headlight bulbs in everyway but one, light output and color; and in these areas Vision X bulbs outshine the factory bulbs. Providing a whiter light for driving at night, and increasing the light output. Making it easier to see at night. Not only in front of your vehicle but peripherally as well.

Vision X 4001602 is the same as Vision X VX-DH4

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